6th Grade Projects

Global Monsters -

  • Focus on global collaboration and diversity around the world.
  • Work together in groups to communicate globally about a monster description and build a monster according the various descriptions.
  • This project will be included for showcase night

Motion Commotion -

  • This project will be included for Showcase Night
    • Students will design a pasta car vehicle using Newton's Laws of Movement. In teams, students will market the vehicle and sell their audience on the design.

Gamazing Game/Cultures of China -

  • Design an educational game that teaches a standard in science, math, language arts, social studies or language arts. Follow guidelines developed through evaluation of existing games.

Strong Enough -

  • How can you design a bridge that has a span of at least 14 inches and can support at least 15 pounds using the least amount of materials possible?
  • Bridges will be displayed at showcase night


  • Why are National Parks important to you?
  • Create a Glogster to share globally with other classes participating in the National Parks Project.
  • Research National Parks from the perspective of a historian, a geologist, a biologist and a tour guide.
    • How are National Parks examples of ecosystems


  • How does the government affect your life?
  • How does a country’s government impact it’s people?
  • How does it impact its culture? (religion, military, etc)

Ride of Your Life

* Driving Question: how are Newton's Laws evident in the the success of a roller coaster?
  • End Product: A gravity-based paper roller coaster following a set of requirements.

Catalyst Gaming

  • Planet Mechanic - In Planet Mechanic you control a planet’s attributes in order to change its behavior, and fulfill the whims of its quirky alien inhabitants.

7th Grade Projects

Dare You to Move - 9/23/13 - 10/25/13

  • This project will focus on social studies as students explore culture and countries from around the world.
  • Work together with a partner to create a persuasive presentation to convince your "boss" to move your future job to a foreign country of your choice for a year. Individually, you will write a persuasive paper too.

High Striker - 10/28 - 11/15/13

  • This project is for our first Showcase Night on November 14th.
  • Students will explore concepts of physics to build and play their own High Striker Game. Each team will create a different theme to go with their game, which guests will be able to play on showcase night. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the physics behind their game while guests enjoy the carnival.

Amazing Race - 11/18/13 - 12/20/13

  • This project is focused on Social Studies and the concepts of geography, culture, and citizenship.
  • Students will work in teams to explore the various regions of the United States using clues developed by different teams from each region. Students will explore and learn about the location, natural resources, climate, landforms and bodies of water, and human characteristics of all areas of the United States. Teams will have to work together to complete each challenge using QR codes to test their research skills, collaboration, and knowledge of the various regions and sections.

It's Your Loss - 1/2/14 - 1/17/14

  • In this project, you will work in teams to design and construct a residential home that has the greatest energy efficiency to prevent heat loss. To do this, you will need to use your knowledge of the types of energy, heat transfer, fossil fuels, and engineering concepts.
  • Driving Question: How do you use a model to track the movement of thermal energy in a residential home
  • Project Objectives:
    • 1. Examine thermal images to identify areas of greatest heat loss in residential homes.
    • 2. Compare temperature data to the thermal images looking for patterns of heat loss.
    • 3. Improve energy efficiency by insulating your home to prevent that heat loss.

Fitness Fair - 1/21/14 - 2/6/14

  • In this project, you will work in a team of four to research a specific genetic health problem and how exercise and a healthy diet may lessen a person's chances of developing the health condition.

The Next Avatar - 2/10/14 - 3/7/14

  • Driving Question: How do organisms play unique and important roles in their environment?
    After receiving a request from a movie studio, students will work in design teams to create a model of a unique organism and design its environment that will star in their next big sci-fi movie. As a team the students will investigate how organisms are classified, what types of behaviors or adaptations allow them to survive, and the elements necessary in an environment to allow that organism to prosper. Teams will then create the model of their organism and design.

Global Awareness Tour Project - 3/20/14 - 4/11/13

  • Driving Question: How has weather changed the lives of people?

  • In this project, you and your team will act as a News Team to present a live, television show broadcast (think Good Morning America) to inform your audience about a specific natural disaster assigned to you. In order to do so, you will have to act as a meteorologist, researcher, and columnist as you analyze the weather, research historical natural disasters and methods to be informed and prepared for such an emergency, and write about a multitude of topics surrounding your natural disaster. As you research your natural disaster, you will gain global awareness of where the disaster could happen around the world, the impacts it has on local communities, and the world impact that affects us all

Poetry Slam - 4/29/14 - 5/22/14

  • In this project:
    • Students will create their own poetry slam (individually written)
    • Students are encouraged to incorporate a theme of something they have learned at school into their poem (academic or social).
    • For showcase night, students (in groups and/or individually) will perform their memorized poetry slams during their assigned performance time.
    • Students will display their poem in a creative way during showcase night.

8th Grade Projects

Building Bridges - 2/18/14-3/21/14

Driving Question: How can a bridge be both beautiful and strong?
In this project, students will learn about bridge design and architecture, as well as, the forces acting on bridges. They will use this knowledge to design a walking bridge that spans the busy intersection of HWY 44 and the Northwestern Trail in Ripon. Students will work as a team to create a materials' budget and use ratio and proportion to create a scaled model of their bridge that will be tested for strength as well as evaluated for beauty and function. This project will also incorporate a point of view narrative writing assignment, an informational research paper, and an argumentative/opinion paper.

iAm Project - Whole School Project

  • Our first project of the year centered on Language Arts & Social Studies.
  • An individual project allowing students to explore themselves, their interests, skills, and futures!