Project Wikis

6th Grade Projects

Ecos the Name

Driving Question: How can you create a children's book that teaches ecosystems, biomes and habitat?

Ride of Your Life

* Driving Question: How are Newton's Laws evident in the success of a roller coaster?
  • End Product: A gravity-based paper roller coaster following a set of requirements.

Catalyst Moves -

  1. Design a pasta vehicle using Newston's principals of motion. Drawing needs to be drawn to scale and labeled.

Power to the World - How would you use a superpower to improve the world?

Global Monsters -

  • Focus on global collaboration and diversity around the world.
  • Work together in groups to communicate globally about a monster description and build a monster according the various descriptions.
  • This project will be included for showcase night


  • How does the government affect your life?
  • How does a country’s government impact it’s people?
  • How does it impact its culture? (religion, military, etc)

7th Grade Projects

Global Awareness Tour
- How does weather change people's lives?

Fitness Fair

-How can you maximize your health, regardless of heredity?

Dare You to Move
-How can we create a sales pitch that convinces our "boss" to let us move to another country.

8th Grade Projects

Selfie Project
  • Driving Question: How can I demonstrate how the standards connect to each area of my life?